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What We Have Learned Through 36 Years of Catering

Development of systems has allowed us to provide excellent food and excellent service
Back in 1982, my partner, Jim Gilmore, and I were getting tired of mowing lawns and cleaning gutters to make a buck to pay for school. That was back in the days when you paid for your own school – pre college savings plans, pre parental input, and admittedly, pre outrageous tuition rates.
We were borrowing our dad’s cars and mowers and hand tools and ladders, to complete odd jobs when we weren’t focused on getting to the gym to pound out 2 hour workouts. Jim was a college wrestler and I was an aspiring powerlifter, so gym dues and protein shakes were also on our expense list. We applied a lot of our energy towards designing elaborate workout and nutritional plans to reach our respective athletic goals.
Meanwhile, our little business utilized a haphazard approach to earning money. Not surprisingly, our results in the gym far outpaced our success in the odd-job business, and we both inherently realize…