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Porky's Pride!

Porky's Pride Slow Roasted Sauerkraut Stuffing!
From Wikipedia......
"Sauerkraut is finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria. It has a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor, both of which result from the lactic acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage...."
"Sauerkraut is made by a process of pickling called lactic acid fermentation that is analogous to how traditional (not heat-treated) pickled cucumbers and kimchi are made. The cabbage is finely shredded, layered with salt, and left to ferment. Fully cured sauerkraut keeps for several months in an airtight container stored at 15 °C (60 °F) or below. Neither refrigeration nor pasteurization is required, although these treatments prolong storage life."
"Many health benefits have been claimed for sauerkraut: It is a source of vitamins BC, and K; the fermentation process increases the bioavailability of nutrients rendering sauerkraut even more …

Shoulder Season and Year Round Weather Tips

Here we are in March, with the bulk of winter behind us and the hope of an early spring ahead!

Next week, we change the clocks to gain an extra hour of light after the work day. This should make it easier to get outside for some exercise.

I love outdoor activities, including cross country skiing, hiking, mountain biking in the summer, and fat biking in the winter. Of course, all of these things depend on the weather. Having the proper gear to deal with the climate is essential.

The heart of the winter and the heart of the summer are pretty easy to gear up for to enjoy a seasonal activity. You can usually adjust your clothing and gear for any condition.

It's the shoulder seasons that make outdoor fun a challenge or even limit your choices completely. Late fall and early spring are included.

During shoulder seasons you deal with mud, rain, sleet, ice, wind, and lack of snow, all of which can make any activity outside either unpleasant or downright impossible.

Here in Minnesota, it h…