A huge focus right now is on....Pigskin!

Here in Minnesota, with the Vikings in the chase and with Minneapolis hosting the Super Bowl, Pigskin is a huge topic.

Have you ever wondered:

Are NFL footballs really actually made of Pigskin? According to the Wilson Sporting goods website....

"Made from 100% exclusive Horween leather; The Wilson trademark "W" is pressed into every panel ofWilson NFL leather used to make official NFL game balls."

Further, Wilson says....

"Every throw, every kick, every touchdown and every point in every NFL game has been with a Wilson football. Some of the greatest moments in football history have been told through the amazing feats of the players - and Wilson has been in their hands." 

That's a lot of punts, passes and kicks over the years, and it sounds like none of them has involved pigskin! From what I can surmise, there was a time when footballs were formed from pig bladders back in the formative days of the game.

 So if you want an official NFL "pigskin" of your own, you'll have to settle for cow leather.

Here at Divine Swine Catering, we have used actual pig skin to our (and our customers) advantage. We cook our pigs "pan-style", with the pig laying tummy down on a large stainless pan, with the skin intact.

We utilize this method, as it:

-retains heat for a very long period of time, such as trailering a pig in a roaster to an event.

-retains moisture, which aids in the cooking process by capturing the moisture from the fat on the pig, while keeping the finished product juicy and tender.

The skin is the key in creating a true, fall off the bone, whole cooked pig! A Divine Swine.

The NFL trusts Wilson with their pigskin.

You need an official NFL "pigskin" by Wilson!

You can trust Divine Swine Catering for a perfectly roasted pig, every time....thanks to the pig's skin!

Find out more about our pig skin!


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