Typecasting, Branding, and Branching Out!

I really enjoy the hit  TV series "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

During Season 2, Episode 2,  entitled Thor , a well known actor is battling with finding work after starring in another series, Seinfeld.

Jason Alexander has been typecast as George Castanza, the bumbling character who never seems to get a break. In the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Larry David pitches a new show idea to Alexander about an actor who has been typecast (starring, of course, Alexander).

While the episode is a spoof, it highlights the very real problem actors face when a character they play very well starts to define them. Actors who are typecast can find it very difficult to find roles varied from their past performances.

Alexander became known as "George" despite being a gifted actor who is capable of many different types of roles. Unfortunately, his "brand" became "George".

Businesses, much like creatives like actors, painters, and writers, work hard to build a brand.

Branding is important, as it helps a business  stand out, show what they offer, highlight their objectives, and even display their moral and ethical standing.

Sometimes, though, a business can experience a sort of "typecasting".

We experience a mild form of that here at Divine Swine Catering!

Make no mistake, we love being known as a "pig roast caterer"!  Our name, after all, says that!

And we do it extremely well. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for and the services and foods we offer.

However, our tagline is "We'll Roast a Pig That You'll Really Dig...and Much, Much More!".

The "Much, Much More!" part is an addition to our original tagline - because we have evolved!

We offer a wide variety of side dishes and services. For example:

Chicken N Ribs
Belgian Waffle Breakfasts
Mexican Menus
Grilling on Site
Holiday Menus
St. Patrick's Day Menus
Hawaiian Luaus
Octoberfest Themes

Make no mistake - our "Bread and Butter" are picnic-themed pig roasts, with all of the trimmings.

Sometimes, as we have learned in the last 36 years, customers want or need something different. The above menus were all customer - driven. We created and perfected every one of these themes based on customer requests.

Another area we have mastered is the fancy, upscale wedding. Our Elegant Presentation offerings include china, silver, linens and all of the related services. We even combine this type of presentation with a pig roast if that's what customers want.

The name of the game, from our view, is giving customers what they want!

If thats "George Castanza", that's great!  We simply want our customers to know that far from being a typecast caterer...we offer Much, Much More!


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